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Development of ULTAGE Cylindrical Roller Bearing 2017-10-03
[World's highest standard high-load capacity and high-speed rotational performance]
NTN Corporation (hereafter, NTN) has developed the “ULTAGE*1 Cylindrical Roller Bearing” that delivers the world's highest standard high-load capacity and high-speed rotational performance with optimizations made to the internal bearing design.

With greater performance including higher power output, higher efficiency and more compact designs required of general industrial machinery such as compressors, industrial motors and reducers, bearings need to be designed with a higher load capacity and higher speed rotational performance than before. Easy handling is also required to suit the smallest variation in spindle core between connected machinery and permit installation tolerance during replacement of parts.

The newly developed “ULTAGE Cylindrical Roller Bearing” features larger rolling elements and a reviewed crowning shape*2 to optimize the state of contact with the rolling surface for a shape that maintains an even contact surface pressure between the roller and the inner/outer rings, even if there is a high load applied or there is a large inclination on the shaft. These changes result in a 20% improvement to the basic dynamic load rating compared to conventional cylindrical roller bearings*3, which deliver the world's highest standard high load capacity and an 80% increase in the rated life of the bearing.

The design of the sliding contact surface between the roller and the inner/outer ring has also been reviewed for an optimum shape to limit the increase in temperature, resulting in a 20% increase in permitted rotational speed compared to conventional products for the world's highest standard high-speed rotational performance. Double the permitted inclination of conventional products also ensures easy handling for variations in spindle core or installation tolerance.

NTN meets the “long life,” “high-speed rotational performance” and “easy handling” requirements of bearings used in general industrial machinery with the “ULTAGE Cylindrical Roller Bearing” and has developed a lineup with a bearing outer diameter under 180 mm. The product is being promoted for global sales in industrial machinery markets and the aftermarket.
  1. *ULTAGE is the name for NTN's new generation of the world's highest standard of bearing series, and expresses the “ULTIMATE” performance on any type of “STAGE”
  2. *Cylindrical shape where the diameter of rollers gradually becomes smaller on a micron scale in the direction of the edges
  3. *NTN catalog: CAT No. 2202/E “Cylindrical roller bearing”
Compared to conventional product (cylindrical roller bearings)
  1. World's highest standard high-load capacity
    Basic dynamic load rating : 20% increase
  2. Bearing rated life : 80% increase
  3. World's highest standard high-speed rotational performance
    Permitted rotational speed : 20% increase
  4. Permitted inclination : 2-times (0.002 Rad (1/500 mm/mm))
General industrial machinery including compressors, industrial motors and reducers

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Product photo
Example of main dimensions: φ35 × φ80 × 21 mm


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